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5 Must have Clothing Pieces If you have Belly Fat

First of all, let me tell you ladies, we all are beautiful and unique in our way with or without flaws. And girls, know what if you want to impress your man by showing that toned abs, let me tell you men love small lower bellies on their women and they find it more natural and attractive. Still, if you want to hide it, then do it in the right way, the entire look may go for a toss.

We need to reveal to you a list of hints that will help you conceal your stomach and belly fats below your garments. Understand the mistakes that you have to keep away from at the time as deciding on clothing to look and feel better. Be sure to read the whole article too because there is a bonus tip at the end.

1. High rise Bottoms

Any kind of bottoms for that matter, always choose high rise. Be it skirts, jeans, knot pants anything but high-rise or mid-rise as per your comfort. these are the most flattering ones if you have a concern about your belly. But say a big NO to low rise or low waist bottoms, it is gonna draw attention to your flawed areas and make you look bulkier, and ultimately gonna destroy your purpose.

2. Loose tops/tunics

Gals, let me tell you tight clothes are only gonna highlight your flaws. Try wearing loose ones especially the ones which are loose on your waist and hip areas. For example, A-Line tops or tunics, drape front tops, smocked crossover tops, etc. Of course, you can go for those which are tight on your bust area as it accentuates your upper part and draws attention out of your midriff. So, it's time to ditch those tight tees and tops.

3. Peplum tops

Peplum tops hold at the narrowest part of your waist and lift up as they run down towards the belly button. It's the perfect choice for people who have tummy fat. there is a wide range of peplum tops available in the market from formal to party looks. they accentuate your waist area by giving you the illusion of an hourglass figure.

4. Fit and flare dress

A great way to hide your tummy fat is a fit and flare dress without any tight spots, by doing this you can wear any color and any prints this shows you more casual, chic, and stylish as you are.

5. Layer it up

There is a common misconception that layering makes you look bigger. Guys, that's not true. Layering is a key for any outfit to look put together. Be it tops, dresses, skirts, anything it gives the illusion of the vertical line and cuts ur side fat called love handles, and gives a seamless finish making you look less bulky.

Bonus Tip:

Shapewear plays a major role in hiding your tummy, especially those which hold your lower tummy in place and seal it right there. Don't you forget to have one in your closet, that's also a must-have.

Ok, now tell me your secrets of hiding a belly or side fat. Give it in the comment section below.


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